Selling Your Home Has Never Been Easier
Or More Effective!

When selling a home, six main factors determine the success or failure of your endeavor. The most important is the know how. The others are location, exposure, competition, demand and proper price positioning. When dealing with one of life’s most significant investments, it’s important to get top dollar for your property. On the other hand, when families prepare to move, they are usually eager to move on and get settled in their new home.

Meet one man who has the solution to this dilemma. David Palik has always carved his own path in life and done things differently from the rest. He understands that the road less traveled leads to the most interesting places and most satisfying conclusions. With nearly 20 years of experience in Tulsa area real estate, he’s witnessed agent after agent approach a home sale the same basic way with limited success. That’s why he does things differently. True to his nature, David has developed a unique system designed to maximize your home’s selling price while reducing the amount of time spent on the market.

David’s Rockin’ the House Marketing System goes where other agents do not in order to best serve your individual needs. He invites you to compare the typical agent’s service to the unique benefits included in his Rockin’ the House Marketing System . Give him a call now to schedule a private consultation and make your best move ever.

In nearly 15 years as a real estate broker and manager, David Palik has identified the four P’s utilized by the typical real estate agent:
1. Plead for the listing 2. Put it in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
3. Pound in the sign 4. Pray that it sells

In comparison, David’s Rockin’ the House Marketing System is all about taking a proactive approach to selling your home quickly and for top dollar. David’s approach differs from the typical agent in many ways that all significantly increase the probability of your success:

Personal Marketing
Where other agents promise your home will be advertised with a tiny photo amid hundreds of homes in real estate publications, David invests heavily in personal marketing that consistently attracts buyers in good numbers to him like lightning to a lightning rod. Not only that, but David’s unique Rockin’ RelocaTour Home Buyer System also delivers a constant stream of qualified buyers, providing your home with greater visibility and the potential for increased demand. The higher the demand, the higher your probability of selling.

Power Networking
David doesn’t rely solely on his own marketing to generate buyers for your property. Additionally, he distributes detailed information about your property to the top 20 percent of the area’s real estate professionals. This approach ensures that the other local “power players” are aware of your home as soon as it hits the market. Even if David does not have the perfect buyer for your home, almost invariably one of his networking colleagues does and will bring an offer.

Power Presentation
David’s web site presents far more than just photos of your home. His site is a compilation of information about your area. As an example, prospective buyers will see photos of: your addition, shopping centers within close proximity, the plat map of your community as well as the restrictive covenants and much more. In other words, it presents the whole lifestyle that is associated with living in your area.

Proper Price Positioning
The kiss of death for any listing is being overpriced. Industry experts agree that no matter how well marketed an overpriced listing is, it will not sell. David’s approach is to, when necessary, have a licensed appraiser evaluate and define the optimal price position for your home to generate maximum income for you.

Performance Guarantee
It’s not often that you find someone to unconditionally stand behind their service. Then again, it’s not often you find a real estate professional like David Palik. David offers every seller his Performance Guarantee, which states that if you are not satisfied with David’s service, he will waive his portion of the commission at the close of your transaction. He also provides every homeowner with an “Easy Exit” listing agreement. Once you experience David’s dedication and quality of service to his clients, it’s easy to understand why he feels confident guaranteeing your satisfaction. Give him a call today to schedule a private consultation.

Relocating to the Tulsa area?

The Rockin' RelocaTour experience reflects David's approach to look at relocating from a different point of view - YOURS.

The Community Tour
David's tours normally showcase the arts and humanities, historically significant architecture, the tone of the local economy, the best restaurants and shopping, nightlife, entertainment, sports, the spirit and history of the community. Some tours include visits to Villa Philbrook, The Oklahoma Aquarium and The Thomas Gilcrease Museum of the Americas.

The length of your tour depends upon what is of interest to you. Most tours take between two and four hours. Many people enjoy experiencing an overview of the entire metro area.

Your Time is Valuable
The Rockin' RelocaTour is the fastest, easiest way to learn why the Tulsa metro area is a terrific place to live, work and play.

If you have traveling companions, they can be quietly entertained by the electronic devices found on-board such as video games, iPods, satellite TV and more.

Taking a tour will fill you with a sense of confidence about relocating to the Tulsa metro area. Take a tour and discover Tulsa's New Kind of Energy!

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David Palik • McGraw, REALTORS®
10131 S Yale Ave • Tulsa, OK 74137
Direct Line: 918.812.2757
Office Line: 918.592.6000

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